Value System

Adhering to the concepts of rigorous standardization, professional focus, pioneering and innovative, and creating a first-class value system.

Talent team

The company has a staff of nearly 700 people, of which the financial team has a diversified, professional, highly educated and senior credit evaluation service team. The team members have a master’s degree or above accounting for 83%, and 75% have a background in studying abroad. Their work experience includes large international banking institutions , International rating agencies and professional four accounting firms.

700+ 700+


National employees

450+ 450+


Own researcher

52+ 52+


Full-time PhD

4+ 4+


thousand people plan

Chief Credit Officer and President of SVP Credit Services Group

Zhu Jinjie

  • General Manager of the Credit Center Department of the People’s Bank of China, successively in the Enterprise Department, Enterprise Credit Logic Project Team, Value-added Business Department, Project Leader, Department General Manager
Co-founder President of CMO Index Business Group

Chen Dong

  • Has more than 10 years of media experience and has made many influential reports in the political, economic, and social fields across the country;
  • Founder of China New Economy Index
首席执行官 BBD CEO1

曾途 博士

  • 澳门科技大学博士
  • 入选《财富》杂志“定义未来的50位中国商业先锋”
  • 入选赛迪研究院“2017中国数据英雄榜”
President of SVP Finance Group

Xu Youxin

  • President of Guangfa Bank Branch
  • Director of Chongqing Emerging Business Department, Xiamen Bank
  • Assistant Governor, Bank of Chongqing Liangjiang New Branch

Yang Chunlin

  • Responsible for city operation
  • Former General Manager of China Merchants Investment Management Center
  • Former director of Science and Technology Innovation Bureau of Chongqing Liangjiang New District
Head of SVP Think Tank Executive Deputy Director of Digital China Research Institute

Duan Yiqiang

  • Responsible for company think tank construction
  • Former General Manager of the Planning and Coordination Department of Sichuan Development Holdings, Director of the Ethnic Division of the Sichuan Development and Reform Commission, and Deputy County Chief of Dayi County Government, Chengdu
首席执行官 BBD CEO1

曾途 博士

  • 澳门科技大学博士
  • 入选《财富》杂志“定义未来的50位中国商业先锋”
  • 入选赛迪研究院“2017中国数据英雄榜”
Senior consultant

Dr. Xianglin Li

  • PhD, University of Waterloo
  • Chief Risk Officer, China International Capital Corporation
  • Analysis and Research on Global Credit Derivatives of Citibank and Barclays Capital
  • Head of AIG Asset Management Analysis Division
  • Founder of Global Credit Derivatives Pricing

Dr. Tao Tao

  • 27-year-old professor / doctor of University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, director of Big Data Research Center;
  • 2015 Top Ten Technology Innovation Figures;
  • His research direction is big data mining and complexity science. He has published more than 300 journal articles on complexity science and big data mining, of which more than 210 articles have been published in SCI journals.

Dr. Fan Yin Zhou

  • PhD in Statistics, Imperial College of Technology;
  • Master of Mathematics, Cambridge University;
  • Bachelor of Mathematics, University of Manchester;
  • Citibank UK risk analysis expert;
  • Expert of Sichuan Thousand Talents Plan
Fintech chief expert

Dr. Wu Shicheng

  • PhD from York University;
  • Former Director of Manulife Financial Risk Management, Canada, formerly worked for Ontario Canada Retired Teachers Fund, Toronto Stock Exchange Group, Royal Bank of Canada.
  • Leader of national key scientific research projects.
Chief Economist

Dr. Qin Chen

  • PhD in Economics, Fudan University;
  • University of California, Berkeley co-cultivating PhD;
  • Deputy Director of Digital China Research Institute, State Information Center;
  • Co-founder of the New Economy Index;
  • He once taught at the School of Economics of Fudan University;
  • Chief Economist of Caixin Digital Federation;
  • Know the big V